How Much is the Child Grant in Namibia?

How Much is the Child Grant in Namibia?

What Is a Child Grant?

One of the benefits of the Child support Grant is that it’s only available to people on lower incomes, and is set up to cover the expenses for essential necessities. The grant doesn’t replace income but it should help with any financial issues that you’re going through if your income is too much for other schemes.

Do all Children qualify for a Grant in Namibia?

Families, who cannot afford to take care of their children, are requesting that their children are granted into the care of other families.

When is the Child Grant available In Namibia?

This grant is available until the child becomes 18 years old, but can continue to be received if they remain a student or are still accepted into further education.

What are the Qualifications for the Grant?

The biological parent caring for a child or children under the age of 18 has lost a spouse to death or the spouse is in prison for six months or longer.

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You must be unemployed, earn less than $1000 USD per month, and receive an old-age pension or a permanent disability grant to qualify for this grant. Namibian citizens and permanent residents only qualify.

How much is a Child Grant in Namibia?

Since around 2010, all children in a family who meet all the requirements for an award get N$250 each month. Previously just the primary kid in the family would get N$200 and then five kids would each receive N$100.