How Much is Child Support Grant in Namibia?

How Much is Child Support Grant in Namibia?

What Is a Child Grant?

The Child Support Grant is a government initiative intended for lower-income families. It attempts to cover the cost of essential expenses like food, clothing, and utilities for children aged under 16 years old. The grant isn’t meant to replace income and is not intended to deal with more expensive solutions like childcare costs or mortgages.

Do all Children qualify for a Grant in Namibia?

A recent study found that a lot of children are being granted childcare space to go to when their parents can’t care for them. It’s not just limited to lower-income households this time &the administration is coming up with ways to provide support, like expanding funding or increasing federal tax credits.

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When is the Child Grant available In Namibia?

You can be eligible for this grant if you are still in school or continuing with your studies. If you do not wish to do so, then this grant will end by age 21.

What are the Qualifications for the Grant?

The partner of a person who has died or is in prison died/is in prison for six months or longer

To apply for this grant, you must be unemployed or earn less than N$1 000 a month. Ordinary citizens and permanent residents of Namibia quality.

How much is a Child Grant in Namibia?

Until 2010, each child (if old enough) would receive a price of N$200 for participating in the programme. Beginning in 2011, the price was changed to reflect just children with age requirements, who received N$250.