How Much is a Child Grant in Namibia?

How Much is a Child Grant in Namibia?

How much is a Child Grant in Namibia?

How much is a Child Grant in Namibia?
How much is a Child Grant in Namibia?

What Is a Child Grant?

The Child support grant is focused on lower-pay families to help guardians with the expenses of the essential necessities of their kid. The grant isn’t intended to replace other income but it is expected to overcome any issues in the cost for most everyday items.

Do all Children qualify for a Grant in Namibia?

No, child grant are being given to children who comes from a lower income home and parents can’t afford to take care of them.

When is the Child Grant available In Namibia?

This grant is available until the child is 18 years old, but will continue until the child is 21 years old if he or she is still in school or busy with studies.

What are the Qualifications for the Grant?

The biological parent caring for a child or children under the age of 18 has lost a spouse to death or the spouse is in prison for six months or longer. The parent applying must fall into one of the following categories: be unemployed, earn less than N$1 000.00 per month, receive old-age pension or a disability grant. Namibian citizens and permanent residents qualify to apply for this grant.

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What Qualifications are to submitted for the application of the child Grant?


–Certified copies of the applicant’s birth certificate and ID.

–Certified copies of the child or children’s full birth certificates/ confirmation of birth or baptism card.

–A certified copy of the applicant’s marriage certificate where applicable.

-The latest school report of each school-going child.

–A certified copy of the spouse’s death certificate in case of death. If the spouse is in prison, a letter from the prison and a declaration from him/her confirming this.

–Proof of the spouse receiving a disability grant or an old-age pension.

–If the applicant is employed, a pay slip with the name, phone number and address of the employer, if not employed, a police declaration.

How much is a Child Grant in Namibia?

Since around 2010, all children in a family who meet all requirements for an award get N$250 each month, while beforehand just the primary kid in a family got N$200 each month and the following five children N$100 each month.