How Much is Temporary ID in Namibia?

How Much is Temporary ID in Namibia?

Namibia has a strict policy of requiring identification to apply for a job. Applicants must provide their identity number and proof of address.

Namibians need to know that they will have to pay for their ID if they do not have one, which can cost anywhere from $100-300 USD.

To apply for an ID in Namibia, applicants must first find out what type of identification is required by the government and then purchase it from the nearest government office or over the counter at any bank branch.


  1. Namibian Birth Certificate or (Citizenship Certificate- persons born outside Namibia)

  2. Two passport photos.

  3. ID copy or proof of ID (16 years and above)

  4. Marriage Certificate (Married women only)

  5. Parents’ Documents e.g., Birth or Citizenship Certificates or ID (applicants under the age of 16)

How long does an ID take in Namibia?

Namibia is one of the many countries that have seen a dramatic decline in ID card wait times. In April 2014 they were 100 days and in October 2015 they were just 16 days.

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The MHAI achieved the goal of reducing the national identity card issuance turnaround time to 20 days by April 2016.

At what age can you get an ID in Namibia?

The country requires that everyone apply for a card when they turn 16 or right after citizenship/PRP is granted.

What are the requirements for permanent residency in Namibia?

  1. Application form.

  2. Medical report.

  3. Two passport photos of each applicant.

  4. Birth certificate.

  5. Radiological reports.

  6. Police clearance certificate (from the country of origin plus local)

  7. Marriage certificate (If married)

  8. Death certificate of late spouse (where applicable)

How much is the Namibian passport?

Cabinet approved the new fee of N$200 last year.