How Much is the Fuel Price in Namibia?

How Much is the Fuel Price in Namibia?

The price of fuel in Namibia is relatively cheaper than in other countries in Africa, but it also depends on the type of fuel you want to buy and how much you need to fill up your vehicle with it. The country’s petrol is sold at a price of $1.53 per litre while diesel costs $0.92 per litre.

What is the petrol price in Namibia in 2022?

Petrol is a commodity which is imported from other countries. In Namibia, the price of petrol was USD 1.22 per litre but this can change depending on the country it originates from.

How much is a litre of petrol in Walvis Bay?

The prices at the Walvis Bay petrol station will see an increase for fuel. This price change has been announced across the entire country so it is likely that the price in other parts of Namibia is also changing.

How many billion barrels of oil does Namibia have?

A new discovery of oil has been made in Namibia, and it’s been calculated that it’s possible to produce as much as 11 billion barrels over four years. Production is planned to begin within a year.

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How much profit do petrol stations in Namibia make on fuel?

Namibia has a total of 3,749 petrol stations across the country which makes it one of the most petrol-rich countries in Africa. In 2018, Namibian petrol stations made an average profit of $6,000 on every litre of fuel sold.