How Much is Study Permit in Namibia?

How Much is Study Permit in Namibia?

All international students must obtain a study permit & visa from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs prior to entry into Namibia as stipulated by the National Immigration Policy of 2006.

Important information

It is illegal to enter Namibia on a tourist visa in order to apply for a study permit and visa.

Even if you are already in Namibia on a visa, permit, or permanent residency permit, you need to apply for a temporary study permit and visa.

Where to apply for a Namibia study permit and visa?

If you plan on immigrating to Namibia, be sure to have all of your documents properly in order. You must submit study applications before arriving in Namibia.

Spouses and dependents

When applying for a Namibia visa, one may also be authorised to apply for the accompanying of their spouse and dependents.

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Restrictions on the Namibia study permit and visa

A Namibia study permit holder or visa holder may not work in any job unless conditions are stipulated on their passport.

Application requirements

  • Letter of admission from the learning institution.

  • Certified copies of the applicant’s passport.

  • if you are studying at an institution in order to apply for a course, Provide a letter of proof of your enrollment

  • The academic record of the applicant.