How Much is License Disc Renewal in Namibia?

How Much is License Disc Renewal in Namibia?

What is Driver’s Licence?

A driver’s license is an official document confirming such authorization for operating a vehicle on a public road.

Driver’s licenses are often plastic and the size of a credit card. Drivers License Application In Namibia.

You can obtain an A1-type permit as soon as you are 16 years old. To get one of the other licenses, you must be 18 years or older at the time of application.

Documents to be provided

Documents required to obtain your driving license:

  • An ID

  • An Application Form

  • A visual test

  • A receipt of applicable fees

For applicants aged 65 or older, a medical certificate is mandatory. It helps to ensure the age of the applicant, so no one gets disqualified accidentally.

For Foreigners

In Namibia, there are fairly strict driver’s licence requirements. You must have a full driver’s licence (that is valid in the country you reside in) and an international driver’s licence.

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At what age can you get your license in Namibia?

The laws in Namibia call for a learner’s license to be obtained when you are 17 years old. In order to obtain this student driver’s license, adults must have mastered the rules of the road and traffic at some point before holding their learner’s license.

Can you buy a car without a license in Namibia?

You are required to have a bank account, a valid Namibian driver’s license, good credit and be employed permanently in order to purchase a new car with financing.