Where to buy turpentine in Namibia?

Where to buy turpentine in Namibia?

What is Turpentine?

Turpentine is a liquid obtained from the distillation of tree resin. It consists mainly of the monoterpenes α-pinene and β-pinene. As a solvent, it is used to thin oil-based paints and for producing varnishes.

What is the turpentine used for?

In manufacturing, turpentine oil is used in soap and cosmetics and also as a paint solvent. It is also added to perfumes, foods, and cleaning agents as a fragrance.

Is turpentine toxic to humans?

Turpentine is thought to be only mildly toxic when used according to manufacturers’ recommendations. It can pass through the skin. Some people develop an allergy to turpentine when exposed to it for a long time. Turpentine exposure causes eye irritation, headache, dizziness and vomiting.

What was turpentine used for in the old days?

Turpentine was used medicinally since ancient times, mostly topical but sometimes as internal medicine. it was widely used for abrasions and wounds, and when mixed with animal fat it has been used as a chest rub, or inhaler for nasal and throat ailments.

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What is turpentine used for cleaning?

Cleaner. Turpentine is used to clean brushes, rollers and spray equipment, oil-based paint, varnish or polyurethane application tools. It can also be used on new wood before finishing.

Can you drink turpentine and honey?

Taking turpentine oil by mouth can be very dangerous. As little as 15 mL (about 1 tablespoon) can be lethal in children, and taking 120-180 mL (about a half cup) can be lethal in adults. Despite this, some people take turpentine oil mixed with honey or sugar cubes for stomach and intestinal infections.

Is turpentine toxic on skin?

Turpentine is a skin irritant and skin contact may cause eczema. Workers in the chemical, rubber and welding industries exposed to turpentine have developed contact dermatoses. In humans, chronic inhalation of turpentine has caused extensive glomerulonephritis.


Where to buy turpentine in Namibia?

It is available at NEO store and B&M store.