What does it mean if you wear Thrasher?

What does it mean if you wear Thrasher?

Wearing Thrasher used to signal your anti-authority attitude. Your rules don’t apply to me. Skaters didn’t, still don’t, and probably never will care about what others think. They had their own subculture with their own style, their own music, and their own opinions.

What kind of brand is Thrasher?

Today, Thrasher is one of the most popular skateboarding brands on the planet and capitalizes on its reputation and credibility.

Is Thrasher a poser brand?

Thrasher is not for posers, but their apparel is being worn by many non-skaters, celebrities, Instagrammers, and even models. With popular slogans like “Born to Skate,” “Skate or Die,” it’s clear that the wearing of Thrasher gear goes hand-in-hand with being a skateboarder and earning that right.

What does Thrasher mean on a shirt?

The Thrasher magazine is sometimes referred to as skate culture Bible. Today, if you wear items with the Thrasher logo, it doesn’t necessarily show you’re a skater, but at least that you appreciate and support the subcultur

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Can I wear vans without skating?

From what i know, vans are SHOES not specifically SKATE SHOES, wear them as much as you want, even if you’re not a skater, it’s like asking “can i wear a black choker without being goth ?

Can I wear Santa Cruz If I don’t skate?

Yes you can wear those clothing brands even though you do not skateboard.

What age is Thrasher magazine for?

So to be clear, shop.thrashermagazine.com is not intended for users under the age of 13.


Where to buy thrasher clothing in Namibia?

It is available via online which can be delivered straight to your door step when you place an order