Where to buy lol dolls in Namibia?

Where to buy lol dolls in Namibia?

What does LOL dolls stand for?

L.O.L. Surprise! dolls can be found in just about any store that sells toys. L.O.L. stands for “Lil Outrageous Littles,” and they’re considered a surprise because they come wrapped in opaque paper, so you never know exactly which doll is inside.

Why are LOL dolls so popular?

dolls because they’re a more wholesome toy than some of the souped-up offerings on store shelves. “The girls are utterly entertained and it’s the rare toy out there that isn’t electronic, so it allows them to use their imagination,” said Kotler, whose two daughters, 5 and 8, own about 50 of the dolls. “With L.O.L

What age are LOL dolls suitable for?

LOL Surprise OMG Series 4. Collectable Fashion Doll for Boys And Girls Age 4+

Do lol dolls change clothes in water?

One woman named Hillary Williams went live on Facebook this week to do a test of putting the dolls in ice-cold water. Her test shows that when put in the water, a naked LOL Surprise doll does, in fact, spring a new set of clothes that features black lines across her body.

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Are any lol dolls worth money?

Every series features at least one Ultra-Rare doll that has a low production numbers. Although the L.O.L. Surprise line is over five years old, collecting the dolls is still a pretty popular hobby. The rarest dolls are listed on eBay for double or even quadruple the original retail price.


Where to buy lol dolls in Namibia?

This is available on Yormarket online which can be delivered straight to your doorstep when you place an order.