Where to buy leeches in Namibia?

Where to buy leeches in Namibia?

What are leeches?

Leeches are segmented parasitic or predatory worms that comprise the subclass Hirudinea within the phylum Annelida. They are closely related to the oligochaetes, which include the earthworm, and like them have soft, muscular segmented bodies that can lengthen and contract

Do leech harm humans?

Most leech bites are harmless. Usually, the leech can be removed easily without the need for medical attention. But the bite can cause extended bleeding at the attachment site even after the leech is removed. This is because the saliva from leeches is an anticoagulant and interferes with the blood’s normal clotting

What are the dangers of leeches?

When the leech bite is external, patients’ symptoms may include painless bleeding, bruising, itching, burning, irritation, and redness. Patients may present with recurrent epistaxis if they have a nasal leech infestation. A focused physical exam will be required depending on the area of concern.

Do leeches go after humans?

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Some feed on the blood of humans and other mammals, while others parasitise fish, frogs, turtles or birds. Some leeches will even take a meal from other sanguivorous leeches which may die after the attack. Sanguivorous leeches can ingest several times their own weight in blood at one mea

Why do leeches eat blood?

The short answer is that leeches need blood to grow and reproduce (make baby leeches). Leeches are worms that live in water or on land and feed by sucking blood from fish, frogs, lizards, birds or, if they get the chance, larger animals like humans. They suck blood because it is a very good food source for them.


Where to buy leeches in Namibia?

Leeches are available at conservatives , farms and within the agric secters across Namibia.