Where to buy goliath gel in Namibia?

Where to buy goliath gel in Namibia?

How does Goliath gel work?

Goliath Gel Cockroach Bait contains a highly potent active ingredient called fipronil. Foraging cockroaches then consume the cockroach bait containing fipronil, ensuring it is widely transmitted throughout the colony, producing a cascade effect

How effective is Goliath gel?

Fast, reliable action for immediate results

Supella longipalpa (Brown-banded cockroach)A single 0.03 g spot of Goliath Gel is capable of killing 1000 cockroaches with an advanced formulation that makes it highly attractive to foraging individuals even in the presence of other food sources.

Where do you put cockroach gel?

Where to Apply – Ideally, you need to apply the gel along all your cupboard door hinges, under the shelves, along the edges and in the cracks and crevices of your furniture. Apply gel dots in all the places where you notice that the infestation of cockroaches is high

How do you use Goliath gel for men?

Apply the gel on the external area or on a condom before intimate sexual activity. It can be used as a vacuum pump for special exercises (jelqing) are intended to increase the penis size. For present purposes, the gel is applied to the external genitalia according to the device instructions, or before the exercise.

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How do I know if Roach gel is working?

Most homeowners will start to see a reduction in adult cockroaches in about 7 days, this is usually a good indicator that the bait is working. Another indicator is that the bait needs to be replaced in 7 to 14 days, meaning that the roaches are eating th


Where to buy goliath gel in Namibia?

It is available at inestfly insecticide coatings, Spar Volkswinkel and other chemical companies in Namibia