Where to buy Cracker Snap in Namibia?

Where to buy Cracker Snap in Namibia?

What is a cracker snap?

Cracker snaps are the device that makes the popping sound when crackers are pulled. These commercial grade cracker snaps measure 12 inches in length and are suitable for making crackers up to 14 inches in total length. Click Here to see our other supplies for making your own crackers.

How do cracker snaps work?

In crackers, it is embedded in one of the two thin strips of card that run inside, whilst the other strip contains an abrasive. When the cracker is pulled, the friction generated by this abrasive detonates the silver fulminate, producing an audible crack.

Why do British wear hats on Christmas?

The tradition of wearing hats at parties goes back to the Roman Saturnalia celebrations (celebrated around 25 December) when the participants also wore hats. The idea of wearing a paper crown may have originated from the Twelfth Night celebrations, where a King or Queen was appointed to look over the proceedings.

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Why do crackers pop?

Inside a cracker there are two strips of card, attached end-to-end with a slight overlap. This overlap is treated with gunpowder – a mixture of potassium nitrate, charcoal and sulphur. When the cracker is pulled, the friction generated between the two strips causes enough heat to set the gunpowder off.


Where to buy cracker snaps in Namibia?

It is available at Pandora box – souvenirs and gifts, checkers , Agra hyper @frenz and other shops in Namibia.