How Much Is Uif in Namibia?

How Much Is Uif in Namibia?

How Much Is Uif in Namibia?

What is the UIF?

The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) gives short-term relief to workers when they become unemployed or are unable to work because of maternity, adoption and parental leave, or illness. It also provides relief to the dependents of a deceased contributor.

How much will UIF pay me?

The UIF payout system makes payments in the percentage of your earned salary while contributing to it. The highest amount that can be paid is 58% of what you earn per day. The high percentage applies to lower-paid workers

How long can you claim UIF?

UIF can be claimed for 12 months, provided that you have full credit days. Credits accrue as follows: for every four days that you work as a contributor, you receive one day’s credit, subject to a maximum of 12 months. To qualify for the full credit days you must have worked as a contributor for more than four years.

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What are the benefits of UIF?

What are the types of benefits that may be claimed from the UIF?

Unemployment benefits.

Illness benefits.

Maternity benefits.

Adoption benefits.

Dependant benefits.

If an employee loses part of his/her income, while being employed, due to reduced working hours, s/he may claim benefits from the UIF.

Who must pay UIF?

The amount of the contribution due by an employee, must be 1% of the remuneration paid by the employer to the employee. The employer must pay a total contribution of 2% (1% contributed by the employee and 1% contributed by the employer) within the prescribed period.


How much is UIF in Namibia?

The contributions are calculated at 0.9% of earnings, with a minimum monthly contribution of N$2.70 and a maximum monthly contribution of N$81.00 by each.