How Much does Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) Pay in Namibia?

How Much does Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) Pay in Namibia?

The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) scheme provides benefits to people who lost their jobs in Namibia because of no fault of their own. If you work in Namibia, you are required to make contributions to the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF). The UIF also has employer contributions, and some money comes from the Government as well. Usually, the government will pay half of your UIF benefit payments while your employer makes the other half payment. The unemployment insurance fund pays out two types of benefits; short-term benefits and long-term benefits.

What is the purpose of UIF in Namibia?

The primary purpose of UIF is to help workers who have lost their jobs and still need some financial support while they search for new employment. However, there are conditions which must be met before you can be eligible to receive any amount from UIF.

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Who qualifies for UIF in Namibia?

Anyone who is currently or has been employed and became unemployed can claim unemployment benefits. In order to qualify for UIF, have earned at least N$20 000 during your last year of employment. You need to meet a minimum number of years worked, depending on your age group, as well as earn a minimum amount over that time period. The next table shows what amount of money you must earn within a certain age range over a specified amount of time before qualifying for UIF.

How much does UIF pay in Namibia?

If you’re employed, UIF is probably something you’ve never had to think about. After all, it seems like such a small portion of your wages that you hardly notice it; and when you receive a UIF payment after losing your job or leaving your job voluntarily, it feels like a drop in the bucket. But how much exactly are we talking about? This is how much people get paid from unemployment benefits in Namibia each month. These payments are a 1% contribution from the employer plus a 1% deduction from the employee’s wages.

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