How Much Does a Private Jet Cost in Namibia?

How Much Does a Private Jet Cost in Namibia?

What is a Private Jet?

Business jets are great because they can help you travel long distances quickly & in style. They’re also great for managing campaigns, hiring new staff, or high-speed missions that require quick response times.

What is the difference between an aeroplane and a private jet?

A jet is an aeroplane that has a jet engine. A plane is any type of aeroplane not including those with jet engines.

Jet engines are either turboprops or turbofans, and the difference between them is how air enters the engine. Any type of engine that is not jet can be called a “turbine”. Turboprops are propeller planes, whereas turbofans are typically found in jet aircraft and helicopters.

What is the point of a private jet?

Aside from the financial benefits, private aircraft ownership also offers four major benefits, which include privacy, safety, customization and accessibility.

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What is the average cost of owning a private jet In Namibia?

A private jet comes with several ongoing costs associated with ownership. These can include maintenance, repairs, storage, fuel, and more. The costs to own can range from NAD$900500.00 to NAD$1 million annually.


It is expensive to own a private jet in Namibia. They usually cost around NAD$9005000.00 to NAD$1 million annually. and $30,000 more per hour. They are mostly for hire, not bought outright by individuals.