How Much Weed Can I Carry in Namibia?

How Much Weed Can I Carry in Namibia?

Can you possess and use cannabis in Namibia?

Namibia enforced stricter penalties related to drugs in 2006. The country continues to have illegal possession and use of these items against the law.

The law has put penalties in place for illegal consumption and possession of cannabis, with prison sentences of between 20 and 40 years for those caught with the drug. The offender may be given a fine of between N$300,000 to N$500,000 or a fine and a prison sentence.

Can you sell cannabis in Namibia?

No, it is illegal to sell cannabis in Namibia. You’d be facing 20 to 40 years in prison plus a hefty fine if you’re caught selling, supplying or even possessing cannabis anywhere in your country.

Can you grow cannabis in Namibia?

While cannabis is illegal in most parts of Africa, it can still sometimes be grown for medicinal or research purposes if approved by the government and/or company. Sometimes, those who are caught in the act will receive a noteworthy prison sentence or a fine.

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