Brackenfell High School Fees | Application | Subjects 2024-2025

Brackenfell High School Fees | Application | Subjects 2024-2025

Brackenfell High School: A Comprehensive Guide for Parents and Students

Located in the scenic area of Brackenfell, Cape Town, Brackenfell High School has garnered a reputation for its dedication to academic excellence and holistic education. If you’re a parent or student considering Brackenfell as your educational institution, here’s a comprehensive overview to help you make an informed decision.

Brackenfell High School Application Form 2024-2025

Visit the School’s Official Website: This will give you a comprehensive view of the school’s culture, values, and offerings.

Download the Application Form: Most schools provide a downloadable PDF version of their application form.

Fill Out the Application Form: This will typically include student personal details, previous academic records, any medical conditions, and possibly references.

Prepare Necessary Documents: Commonly requested documents include:

Copy of the student’s birth certificate or passport

Recent passport-sized photographs

Latest report cards or academic transcripts

Any relevant medical reports

Proof of residence

Pay the Application Fee: Some schools require a non-refundable application fee to process your application.

Submit the Application: This can often be done online or by physically dropping it off at the school.

Interview/Assessment: Some schools may have an interview or assessment stage to evaluate the student’s fit for the institution.

Wait for Admission Decision: Once all documentation and any interviews are complete, the school will notify you of their decision.

Confirm Your Spot: If accepted, there might be a deadline to confirm your spot, possibly requiring a deposit.

Orientation: Before the academic year starts, there’s typically an orientation day or week for new students and parents to familiarize themselves with the school environment.

WCED Registration Process

Start Online Registration

Click the link to start the online registration process.

Follow The Steps

Complete the registration forms.

Gather Necessary Documents

Ensure that the correct supporting documents are uploaded.

Submit Your Application

Check that you have completed all steps.


The school fees at Brackenfell High School can vary based on several factors, such as grade level, extracurricular activities, and available facilities. It’s essential to note that these fees can change annually due to inflation and other economic considerations.

  • Registration Fee: This is a one-time payment made upon admission. It covers administrative costs associated with new student enrolment.
  • Tuition Fee: Tuition fees cover the general expenses of academic instruction, including teacher salaries, classroom resources, and utilities.
  • Extracurricular Activity Fee: For students who participate in sports, arts, or other extracurricular activities, there might be an additional fee to cover the associated costs.
  • Miscellaneous Fees: These can include costs for school trips, uniforms, textbooks, and other supplementary materials.

For the most current fee structure, parents and guardians are advised to contact the school’s administration or check their official website.

Courses and Subjects

Brackenfell High School follows the South African national curriculum, which provides a comprehensive and balanced education. Here’s an outline of the core and elective subjects offered:

  • Foundation Phase (Grade 8-9):
    • Core Subjects: English, Afrikaans or isiXhosa (second language), Mathematics, Life Orientation, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Economic and Management Sciences, and Technology.
    • Elective Subjects: Depending on the school’s resources, students might have options like Visual Arts, Drama, and Music.
  • Senior Phase (Grade 10-12):
    • Compulsory Subjects: English, Afrikaans or isiXhosa (second language), Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy, and Life Orientation.
    • Elective Subjects: Students can choose three additional subjects from a list that might include Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Geography, History, Business Studies, Accounting, Tourism, Visual Arts, Drama, Music, and others.

Extracurricular Activities

Beyond the classroom, Brackenfell High School offers a range of extracurricular activities to ensure the holistic development of students. These can include:

  • Sports: Rugby, netball, cricket, athletics, hockey, and more.
  • Arts and Culture: Drama club, choir, music band, and art exhibitions.
  • Clubs and Societies: Debate team, chess club, and eco-club.

Brackenfell Hoërskool Secondary School Contact Details

Street Address: Roglandstraat, Brackenfell, CITY OF CAPE TOWN, 7560

Telephone Number: 0219815522