Benoni High School Fees | Application | Subjects 2024-2025

Benoni High School Fees | Application | Subjects 2024-2025

Benoni High School, situated in Benoni, Gauteng, has long been recognized for its commitment to fostering academic and extracurricular excellence. If you’re considering this institution for your child, here’s a guide that outlines its key features.

Application Process

For prospective students and their families, the general application steps are:

  1. Explore the Benoni High School Website: This will offer insights into the school’s ethos, its achievements, facilities, and more.
  2. Secure an Application Form: Depending on the school’s policy, forms might be available online or can be collected in person.
  3. Compile the Necessary Documents:
    • Copy of the student’s birth certificate.
    • Latest academic reports.
    • Recent passport-sized photos.
    • Proof of residence or guardianship (if necessary).
  4. Submit the Completed Application: Ensure you follow the school’s guidelines for submission, whether in person, by post, or electronically.
  5. Attend an Interview or Entrance Test: Benoni High may require a face-to-face interview, an entrance examination, or both as part of their selection process.
  6. Await the Admission Decision: The school will review applications and subsequently notify parents of the outcome.
  7. Finalize the Admission: If your application is successful, there might be additional steps or initial fees to confirm the placement.
  8. Orientation Session: New students are usually introduced to the school through an orientation to ensure a smooth transition.


It’s essential to understand the financial commitments associated with attending the school:

  • Application Fee: A non-refundable fee required during the application process.
  • Tuition Fee: This encompasses the primary academic costs for each term or the academic year.
  • Extracurricular Fee: Certain sports, clubs, or activities might come with additional costs.
  • Miscellaneous Fees: These could cover expenses such as uniforms, textbooks, school trips, or other resources.

Since fees might be revised annually or vary based on specific programs, it’s advisable to consult the school’s finance department or check their official website for the latest fee details.

Courses and Subjects

Benoni High School adheres to the South African national curriculum, offering a broad array of subjects:

  • Junior Phase (Grade 8-9):
    • Core Subjects: English, Afrikaans or an additional language, Mathematics, Life Orientation, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Economic and Management Sciences, Technology, among others.
    • Elective Subjects: Depending on resources, students might opt for courses like Art, Music, or Drama.
  • Senior Phase (Grade 10-12):
    • Mandatory Subjects: English, Afrikaans or an additional language, Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy, and Life Orientation.
    • Elective Subjects: The school likely provides choices such as Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Business Studies, Geography, History, Visual Arts, Dramatic Arts, Music, and more.