Where to buy Rye flour in Namibia?

Where to buy Rye flour in Namibia?

How is rye flour different from regular flour?

Compared to the all-purpose flour you may usually use, which is milled from wheat, rye flour contains very little gluten. Gluten provides structure in baked goods, but if overworked can also make them tough

What is rye flour made out of?

Rye flour is made from ground rye berries, which are also known as whole rye kernels. A close relative of both wheat and barley, rye berries are a cereal grain grown across the world, particularly in Europe and Russia

What is rye flour good for?

Rye flour is used to make rye bread, sourdough bread, gingerbread, crispbread, fruitcakes, scones, crackers, pasta, as well as a filler for soups and sauces. Perhaps the most famous product made with rye flour is pumpernickel bread, a yeast-leavened bread made with the darkest rye flour

Is rye flour better than wheat flour?

When compared to wheat, rye is often considered more nutritious. In fact, studies show that rye bread may lead to greater fullness and have less of an impact on blood sugar than wheat bread ( 29 , 30 )

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Is rye flour good for diabetics?

There is a variety of options and possibilities when it comes to choosing the finest bread for diabetics to eat. For diabetics, rye is an excellent grain to consume. It is made up of bigger molecules than wheat, thus it takes longer to break down in your system.


Where to buy Rye flour in Namibia?

It is available in shoprite Namibia in Windhoek. It can also be bought from the market as well.