Where can i buy sodium polyacrylate in Namibia?

Where can i buy sodium polyacrylate in Namibia?

What is sodium polyacrylate?

Sodium polyacrylate, also known as waterlock, is a sodium salt of polyacrylic acid with the chemical formula [−CH₂−CH−]ₙ and has broad applications in consumer products. This super-absorbent polymer has the ability to absorb 100 to 1000 times its mass in water

Is sodium polyacrylate harmful?

Superabsorbent sodium polyacrylate polymeric hydrogels that retain large amounts of liquids are used in disposable diapers, sanitary napkins, and other applications. These polymers are generally considered “nontoxic” with acute oral median lethal doses (LD50) >5 g/kg.

Is sodium polyacrylate harmful to skin?

It is a large compound unable to penetrate the skin’s barrier and has been proven to be safe for cosmetic use. Sodium polyacrylate is not considered to be a plastic.

How is sodium polyacrylate used in real life?

Sodium polyacrylate is commonly used in detergents as a chelating agent. A chelating agent is used in detergents because it has the ability to neutralize heavy metals that can be found in dirt, water, and other substances that could be in clothes.

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What are 3 uses for sodium polyacrylate?

Sodium polyacrylate is common in diapers, dish and laundry detergents, stain removers, bleach products & shower cleaners.

What happens when you mix sodium polyacrylate with water?

Sodium polyacrylate contains a high number of sodium ions within each particle. Water is highly attracted to sodium ions. So when the water is poured into the beaker containing the sodium polyacrylate, it moves into the individual powder particles and expands the polymer particles to become a solid like gel.


Where can i buy sodium polyacrylate in Namibia?

Wego Chemical Group is an industrial distributor of sodium polyacrylate in Namibia