Pretoria Girls High School Fees | Application | Subjects 2024-2025

Pretoria Girls High School Fees | Application | Subjects 2024-2025

Situated in the heart of South Africa’s administrative capital, Pretoria Girls High School (PGHS) is a renowned institution that has consistently offered excellence in education for young women. If you’re considering this prestigious establishment for your daughter’s education, here’s an in-depth look to guide your decision.

Admission to the school is strictly according to the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) regulations. The website for registering and applying in the Gauteng Province is



Application Steps

For prospective PGHS students and parents, the application process typically involves the following steps:

Explore the PGHS Official Website: Acquaint yourself with the school’s ethos, achievements, and offerings.

Download the Application Form: If available online, retrieve, print, and diligently complete the form. Alternatively, the form might need to be collected directly from the school.

Assemble Required Documents: Commonly requested documents include:

A copy of the student’s birth certificate or passport.

Recent passport-sized photographs.

Latest academic report.

Proof of residence.

Submit the Application: Depending on the school’s preferences, this might be done in person, via post, or digitally. Ensure any application fees are paid, if applicable.

Attend the Interview or Assessment: PGHS might require an interview or academic assessment as part of the evaluation process.

Await Admission Notification: After reviewing applications, the school will inform you of their decision.

Confirm the Placement: If the application is successful, follow PGHS’s instructions to finalize the admission, which might involve payment or other administrative tasks.

Orientation: Newly admitted students will generally have an orientation session to acquaint themselves with the school’s facilities, staff, and traditions.

Required Documents When Applying

  1. ID Photo – Recent ID style photograph of your daughter

  2. Unabridged Birth Certificate – A certified copy of your daughter’s unabridged (full) birth certificate (computer-generated certificate from the Department of Home Affairs). If not available, proof of application should be provided along with a certified copy of an abridged birth certificate.

  3. 2022 Year-End Report – A certified copy of your daughter’s previous year-end (2022) report showing both her name and the school name.

  4. 2023 Term 1 Report – A certified copy of your daughter’s 2023 Term 1 report showing both her name and the school name.

  5. Parent / Guardian Documents –

    1. certified copies of both parents’/legal guardians’ RSA identity documents;

    2. certified copies of death certificate/s should a parent or both parents be deceased;

    3. certified copies of passports as well as work permits of parents that are Foreign Nationals.

  6. Legal Guardianship – In case of legal guardianship adoption, copies of legal documents produced by the courts (court orders) are required which, amongst others, includes a certified copy of appointment from the Master of the Court to act as legal guardian/s. In case of divorce, upload a certified copy of court order.

  7. Proof of Residence – Proof of the permanent residential address of both parents as well as the learner and/or legal guardian (only a valid government/parastatal or body corporate utility bill and/ or lease agreement will be accepted) in the parents/legal guardians name; or a certified copy of the lease agreement

  8. Immigrant Documentation –

    1. Immigrants must submit certified copies of both parents’ passports, permanent residence permits and/or relevant study permits, residence or work permits as well as any other related permits (refugee permit /asylum seeker permit);

    2. in the event of Diplomats, Diplomats are to submit passports and Diplomatic identities

  9. Letters of Employment – A letter of employment for each parent/legal guardian confirming employment, on an original company letterhead. The letter must –

    1. be stamped by the Employer and the signature of the Employer affixed over the stamp;

    2. contain confirmation as to if the parent is employed indefinitely or for a fixed term period;

    3. confirm the parent/legal guardian’s work address as well as work contact number.

  10. Medical Aid Card – If the learner is on Medical Aid, a certified copy of both sides of the Medical Aid Card


Fees for 2023 are as follows: ( Fees are subject to Change )

  • School Fees Grade 8: R51 820.00

  • School Fees Grade 9-12: R46 400.00

  • Boarder Fees: R72 200.00 or R20 000.00 for the first 3 terms and R12 000 for the 4th term, payable before the start of each term.

All fees are reviewed on an annual basis.

While PGHS provides an exemplary education, it’s crucial to understand the financial commitment involved:

  • Registration Fee: This is generally a one-time payment necessary during the application process.
  • Tuition Fee: This covers the primary academic expenses for the year.
  • Extracurricular Fee: Students engaging in sports, arts, or other extracurricular activities might incur additional charges.
  • Miscellaneous Fees: These could encompass uniforms, textbooks, school trips, and other supplementary requirements.

It’s worth noting that fee structures may be updated annually. For the most current details, it’s recommended to contact the school’s administration or consult the official PGHS website.


Pretoria High School for Girls is a Section 21 fee paying school as per (SASA)

The payment of school fees is a statutory (legal) obligation for parents at fee-paying schools.

Parents of learners attending this school are responsible for paying school fees as prescribed.

The fees were approved at the annual general meeting held on 17 October 2022.

The obligation to pay school fees also applies to:

A person who is not the biological parent but claims the status of “parent” in terms of section 1 SASA must also take over financial responsibilities for a learner.

Courses and Subjects

PGHS follows the South African national curriculum, ensuring a comprehensive and balanced education:

  • Foundation Phase (Grade 8-9):
    • Core Subjects: English, Afrikaans or another second language, Mathematics, Life Orientation, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Economic and Management Sciences, and Technology.
    • Elective Subjects: Depending on availability, students might have options such as Visual Arts, Drama, and Music.
  • Senior Phase (Grade 10-12):
    • Compulsory Subjects: English, Afrikaans or another second language, Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy, and Life Orientation.
    • Elective Subjects: The selection can include Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Geography, History, Business Studies, Accounting, Visual Arts, Drama, Music, and others based on the school’s provisions.

Contact Us


These are to be directed to the Admissions Secretary, Mrs A de Villiers

Telephone: 012 430 7341


+27 12 430 7341

949 Park Street, Arcadia, Pretoria, Gauteng


School Hours: 07:15 to 14:06

Office Hours: 07:00 to 15:30