How to buy gold shares in Namibia?

How to buy gold shares in Namibia?

How do I buy shares in Namibia?

In order to buy or sell shares on the NSX, you will need a stockbroker, such as Cirrus Securities. The stockbroker can see if there are any buyers or sellers in the market and will match sellers and buyers where possible to ensure that a transaction takes place.

Where can I invest in Namibia?

Mining and Energy

  • Extensive mineral deposits.
  • Diamonds, uranium, gold, copper, lead, zinc and other base metals.
  • Semi-precious stones and many types of dimension stones.
  • Value-addition encouraged.
  • Manufacturing (jewellery)
  • Good prospects for oil and gas prospecting, exploration and

How can I invest in gold demat?

To Invest in Gold ETF, all you need to have a demat account and a trading account with an online account for trading stock, that would suffice to invest in gold ETFs. Once you have got the account ready it’s just a matter of choosing Gold ETF and place the order online from your broker’s trading portal.

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How do I apply for MTC shares?

Members of the public waiting to become part owners of the country’s oldest and biggest telecommunications company through its IPO scheduled between 20 September and 01 November 2021, should visit the MTC website, visit their nearest mobilehome or selected Nampost outlets to purchase their shares

Is Namibia a good place to invest?

Namibia is highly rated as an economy with great potential. With a booming property market and successful tourism sector, the country attracts those who value beautiful surroundings and long-term investments.


How to buy gold shares in Namibia?

To buy an asset with exposure to gold [or any other commodity or stock at the Stock Market], you literally must:


  1. Choose a Broker which is available in Namibia (Not all of them are),
  2. Depending on the Broker, accounts may be opened in US Dollars (USD), Euros (EUR), Pound Sterling (GBP), Swiss Franc (CHF), Australian Dollar (AUD) as the base currency. Most of them offer the option to open the accounts in either Dollars or Euros.
  3. Open an account with the Broker; usually requires you uploading an ID and a proof of address through their app or via email.
  4. Search for “Gold” or “Gold” on the Broker’s platform, choose the financial instrument to be traded, and
  5. Press the “Buy” button.
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