How Much Is Tv Licence in Namibia?

How Much Is Tv Licence in Namibia?

How Much Is Tv Licence in Namibia?

What is a Tv Licence?

A television licence or broadcast receiving licence is a payment required in many countries for the reception of television broadcasts, or the possession of a television set where some broadcasts are funded in full or in part by the licence fee paid

Why do you need a TV license?

A TV License is required to watch or record TV programs as they are being shown on TV or live on an online TV service.

Can I watch TV without a license?

whether you’re watching live TV on a television, computer, tablet, games console, smartphone or any other device, you’ll need to be covered by a TV licence. However, you do not need a TV licence if you only watch content after it’s been shown on television .


Can I use someone else’s TV license?

NO – one needs one’s own licence, unless one is a family member of a licence holder.

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How many tvs can you have on one TV Licence?

You only need one TV Licence per household, even if you use more than one of the devices listed above.

N$204.00 per annum

The current fee is N$204.00 per annum for a Household/Private Person per TV set, N$60.00 per annum for a Pensioner/War Veteran/Disabled per TV set, N$220.00 per annum for any Business (including private & public schools, government department, clinics & hospitals, bars, shebeens, etc.) authorising the use of the licensed set(s) at the place specified in the licence