How Much is Tattoo Removal in Namibia?

How Much is Tattoo Removal in Namibia?

How Much is Tattoo Removal in Namibia?

People have been getting tattoos for years, and they’re now becoming more popular than ever. In fact, they’ve been shown to last longer than most types of art.

Why is it called Tattoo?

Tattoos date back to early Polynesian society and the word ‘tatau’ which references the sound made by tattooing. Tattoos are not a new phenomenon, originating centuries ago in the Islands of Samoa when they would use pig’s teeth and turtle shells to ink the symbols onto their bodies.

Is a Tattoo Painful?

An individual may feel a bit of discomfort and possible pain after getting a tattoo. The skin is punctured with a needle, which can cause inflammation and blood to come out of the body.

How long do Tattoos Take to Heal?

Most sources show that tattoos require about 14 days to heal, though it could take up to a month in some cases. Delays in the healing process often result from confusion or misunderstandings of what should happen.

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How much does a Tattoo cost in Namibia?

1. Body Tattoo for Men · N$14.00

2. Bling Hand Tattoo · N$10.00 

3. Diamante Face Gem Stickers Design A (5) · N$186.50

4. Diamante Face Gem Stickers Design B (5) · N$186.50.

Tattoo removal is more expensive than getting a tattoo. Many tattoo shops in Windhoek use lasers to remove tattoos from your skin. These removals can cost between NAD 5000 – NAD 2500.