How Much is Samsung S9 in Namibia?

How Much is Samsung S9 in Namibia?

If you are thinking of an amazing high-end smartphone to buy, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is one good option.

Samsung phones have user-friendly technology, and they go into specifics on the S9’s specs on their website. It blows away most phones of the same price and even higher.

The Galaxy S9 biometrics features can be convenient and secure. The facial recognition software, fingerprint scanner and iris scanner are all included in this phone.

What is the price of the Samsung S9 in Namibia?

The price of the Samsung s9 N$ 10,500.00

The Samsung S9 features

With their 5.8″ screen, the Samsung S9 is easy to carry & small enough to fit into any pocket. It also has fewer black areas around its display because it’s innovative.

Gorilla Glass is an extremely durable type of glass that can protect your phone when it falls. The Galaxy S9 has a convenient design, high-quality display colours, and high overall brightness.

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This phone is available in four colours – black, lilac, purple, and blue.

The S9 has a front-facing camera and a rear-window camera. It also has several features that make taking pictures easier, like HDR and Bokeh features.

The low light function on this phone helps you take photos in dark places. You can know that your photos are clear & bright regardless of the conditions.

This Samsung device has a battery that can store up to 3000mAh and can fully charge wirelessly.