How Much Is Prdp in Namibia?

How Much Is Prdp in Namibia?

How Much Is Prdp in Namibia?

What is PRDP?

To drive on a public road in South Africa transporting goods, dangerous goods or passengers for an income you must have a professional driving permit (PrDP). The permit is issued in addition to an ordinary driving licence.

How long does police clearance take for PrDP?

The card manufacture period is usually 6-8 weeks. However once approved (i.e. police clearance and medical certificate have been submitted) , a temporary driving licence with the authorized PrDP category can be issued immediately.

Is PrDP and PDP the same?

Before it was called a PrDP, a professional driving permit was originally called a public drivers’ permit (PDP) which was issued to drivers of these vehicles before 1998. If you drive any of these vehicles, you’ll need a valid professional driving permit: Goods vehicles, (with a GVM of more than 3 500 kg).

What documents are needed to apply for PrDP?

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Your Identity document (ID), valid driving license, or valid South African passport. A valid driving license holding the same code as that of the vehicle for which you are applying. A PDP Medical form or certificate which is only valid if it is not older than two months.

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Can I get temporary PDP same day?

The temporary driving licence is issued on the same day. Contact your local licensing office for the cost. The Application for a driving licence (DL1) form is available from any driving licence testing centre and on the eNatis website .

How much is prdp in Namibia?

It cost around these figures N$336 ; 0 – 750, N$ 504 ; 751 – 1000, N$ 708 to apply for a PRDP in Namibia

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