How Much is Jordan 1 in Namibia?

How Much is Jordan 1 in Namibia?

How Much is Jordan 1 in Namibia?

What is Jordan 1?

Modern sneaker culture had its roots in the air. the original Air Jordan was released in 1985. It was designed by Peter Moore, Jordan Brand has honored this iconic silhouette numerous times since with releases of the Retro 1 and its known as the most popular Jordan 1 ever.

Is Jordan 1 a basketball?

The Air Jordan 1 was made as a b-ball shoe; however battles contrasted with present day loops shoes because of weighty materials, obsolete foothold and tech and absence of padding. Starting from the principal Chicago and Dark Toe color ways were shaken by MJ on the court, the Jordan 1 has been scrutinized.

What is the cheapest Air Jordan 1 in Namibia?

Cheap Jordan 1 – High FlyEase Light Smoke Grey. …

Affordable Js – Zoom CMFT Stadium Green. …

Economic AJs – Jordan 1 Light Fusion Red. …

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Cheap Jordan 1 – AJKO Chicago Mid. …

Low-Priced Jumpmans – Electro Orange. …

Inexpensive Nike AJs – White Black Volt. …

Cheap Air Jordan 1 – Pollen

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Why is the Jordan 1 so popular?


The Jordan 1 remains popular because of its brand and how well it goes with any outfit. It has been used as a B-ball sneaker with several notable personalities who have worn it to brand it as well.

How can you tell If Jordan 1 is Fake?

All Air Jordan boxes will have an official manufacturing sticker on the side. Check for the accurate style name of the shoe, the shoe size, color combination, and country of manufacture.


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How much does Jordan 1 cost in Namibia?

It cost between N$1,200.00 – N$1,888.95 to buy Jordan 1 in Namibia.