How Much Is Ford Ranger in Namibia?

How Much Is Ford Ranger in Namibia?

How Much Is Ford Ranger in Namibia?

What is a Ford Ranger?

The Ford Ranger debuted as a compact pickup mainly sold in North America since 1982 for the 1983 model year, with later introductions in some South American countries.

What type of car is a Ford Ranger?

The Ford Ranger is a utilitarian pickup truck that’s available in a range of cab styles – there’s even a high-performance Raptor off-road version. Even if you don’t fork out for one of these range-topping trucks, the Ford Ranger is one of the sportiest-looking pickups on sale.

Is a Ford Ranger a good truck?

Yes, the Ford Ranger is a good truck. It has a powerful engine, handles well, and gets good gas mileage. The Ranger is a solid off-roader, and its towing and hauling capacities are good for the class.


Is Ford Ranger same as Ford F-150?

Ford Ranger: Efficiency. There’s a slight difference between the Ford F-150 and Ford Range fuel economy ratings. Being the smaller truck, the Ford Ranger earns slightly better mpg ratings than the F-150. So, if you’re concerned about fuel costs, you’ll definitely want to consider both trucks’ fuel efficiency.

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Why do people buy Ford Rangers?

The Ford Ranger stands out thanks to a wide range of potent power trains, affordability, and above-average reliability. It has all the characteristics of a workhorse, including excellent towing capabilities, ample payload space, great safety scores, and exceptional creature comforts and unique styling.

What are the main problems with the Ford Ranger?

The most common problems with the Ford Ranger have to do with the engine. Ranger owners reported issues with things like a misfiring engine, stalling, power loss, and shaking. Overall, though, the Ranger is pretty reliable. It scores well compared to other trucks in its class and it has average ownership costs.


How much is Ford ranger in Namibia?

The base Price of a Ford Ranger cost around   $N 320,000 in Namibia