How Much is Conveyancing Fees in Namibia?

How Much is Conveyancing Fees in Namibia?

When purchasing property in Namibia, it’s important to understand how the conveyancing process works and what you’ll need to pay for. If you don’t know how much conveyancing fees are in Namibia, this guide can help you estimate your costs so you can plan as much as possible. You can also use our online conveyancing calculator to get an estimate of how much the transfer of ownership and all other formalities will cost when using us as your lawyer or notary.

What Are Conveyancing Fees?

When you purchase property, the process is not complete until all the appropriate legal paperwork has been processed and recorded. The conveyance fee is the charge for this service, which can vary from country to country. In Namibia, for example, the cost of a conveyance in fee can range from 12% – 15%.

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How Can You Save Money on Conveyancing Costs?

The most obvious way to save money on conveyancing fees is by finding a good lawyer. The best way of doing this is by asking friends, family members, and colleagues for recommendations. Another useful technique is to search online for reviews of the lawyers you are considering.