How Much Is Clearance Fee in Namibia?

How Much Is Clearance Fee in Namibia?

How Much Is Clearance Fee in Namibia?


What Is a Clearing Fee?

A clearing fee is a charge assessed on securities transactions by a clearing house for completing transactions using its own facilities. It is most often associated with the trading of futures and includes all actions from the time a commitment is made to the time a transaction is settled.


In Namibia, a clearance fee is an authoritative record given after foundation exam is finished. This historical verification is finished to get any lawbreaker records about the individual (Namibian public or outsider) in the nation .

This clearance fee for both Namibian nationals and outsiders are handled in Windhoek at the Namibian Police Criminal Records Place (NPCRC).


With respect to what amount of time it requires to be handled;


The Namibian clearance fee can take around six (6) weeks, in some cases three (3) – six (6) months for application to be handled.

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The amount Is Clearance fee is Namibia


The expense of clearance fee is Namibia is US$20; (cash request or ensured check – individual checks are not acknowledged)


How Would I Apply/Reports Required While Applying For Namibian Police Freedom


By and large, it is a training or obligation for an official in Namibia to assist people in taking fingerprints when they wish to with applying for Namibian Police Freedom. Presently, underneath are the records required prior to applying for a Clearance fee in Namibia

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1. A marked proper application structure which show the subtleties of the person. This incorporate the complete name, spot of birth, date of birth, character number, justification for remaining in Namibia, length of stay and address of the person.

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2. Confirmed duplicate of your identification.

3. Join a shaded photo. Obscured or inferior quality pictures are unaccepted.

4. Report showing a legitimate stay in Namibia

5. Installment of US$20; (cash request or guaranteed check – individual checks are not acknowledged)