How Much is a Pivot in Namibia?

How Much is a Pivot in Namibia?

Pivot irrigation is a type of sprinkler system that can be used to irrigate large areas of land. It differs from traditional irrigation methods because it uses a pivot, or arm, to swing the spray heads around in order to water several rows at once. The most common form of pivot irrigation uses an overhead sprinkler on either side of the pivot point. This allows you to direct your water onto your crops without walking through them or having to move anything aside.

Pivot irrigation systems

Pivot irrigation systems provide a viable option to farmers on how best to overcome the current drought conditions by enabling them to reduce the loss of livestock and produce good pasture as well as crop yields.

Pivot irrigation systems are an alternative system that can be used in place of overhead irrigation methods. They use sprinklers mounted on pivoting arms which move across an area, providing water where it is needed most. The sprinkler rotates around a central pivot point, spraying a field with water or chemicals at any time during the day or night by means of automated controls.

The price of one pivot irrigation system

A pivot irrigation system for a large field (about 2 hectares) will be in the region of N$420 000 – N$500 000. This price range depends on:

  • the size of the field
  • where you live (city or rural area)
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For example, if you want to buy a pivot irrigation system for your home garden and only have one sprinkler then this will cost about N$30 000 – N$50 000 depending on your location and how much water pressure is available at your house site.