How Much is a Litre of Milk in Namibia?

How Much is a Litre of Milk in Namibia?

Here in Namibia, milk costs more than $2 per litre, on average. But in Botswana, the same amount of milk can be bought for as little as $0.75. That’s quite the difference! Of course, the price can vary depending on your location within either country and depending on what kind of milk you buy (skim vs full fat, regular vs organic), but it still makes you wonder why Namibia’s dairy industry costs so much to run while Botswana’s costs are so little.

Why Is the Price of Milk So Different in Namibia?

In many countries, the price of milk is set by the government. In Namibia, there is no central pricing system so this has led to a variety in prices. The country’s capital city, Windhoek, has the most expensive milk at an average price of N$5.70 per litre while other regions sell it at N$2.00 or less.

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Who Pays the Most for Milk in Namibia?

 there are some areas where milk is more expensive than others. The regions of Oshakati, Otjiwarongo and Oshikango are three places that have higher prices for milk when compared to other parts of the country. In these regions, people spend about two dollars per litre whereas in other parts of Namibia people only spend about 1 dollar per litre.