How Much Is a Happy Meal in Namibia?

How Much Is a Happy Meal in Namibia?

How Much Is a Happy Meal in Namibia?

What is a Happy Meal?

A Happy Meal is a kids’ meal usually sold at the American fast food restaurant chain McDonald’s since June 1979. A small toy or book is included with the food, both of which are usually contained in a red cardboard box with a yellow smiley face and the McDonald’s logo

Are adult Happy Meals real?

McDonalds announced that happy meals geared towards adults were coming out in early October. They have since sold out in many locations, including Whitewater. This begs the questions: what makes these meals so popular, and why are they selling out so quickly?

What are the adult Happy Meals called?

Earlier this month, the fast-food chain brought back its recognizable figurines the adult Happy Meal, called the Cactus Plant Flea Market Box. The boxes, which includes a Big Mac or 10-piece chicken Nuggets, fries and a drink, was collaboration between the street wear brands.

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Why do the adult Happy Meal toys have four eyes?

As it turns out, the main reason that toys have four eyes is because McDonald’s collaborated with streetwear brand Cactus Plant Flea Market on their designs. The brand is known for their off-beat designs, and one of their signature elements has long been a face with four eyes.

Can you get a Happy Meal at any age?

Happy Meals aren’t just for kids. The world’s largest fast-food chain is now making an adult version of its famed meal in a box. And don’t worry, this adult Happy Meal comes with a toy


How much is a happy meal in Namibia?

A happy meal in Namibia cost N$ 182.60