How Much is a GoPro Camera in Namibia?

How Much is a GoPro Camera in Namibia?

GoPro, the name itself is a synonym for action cameras. It is one of the most popular cameras used in various situations such as sports and travel photography. There are many GoPro models available in the market with different features and specifications. The pricing of the GoPro camera can vary from $100 to $1600 depending on the model and features offered by it.


As a general rule, the price of a GoPro camera will depend on where you buy it and how much technical expertise you have to offer. In Namibia, these cameras can be purchased at any major electronics store or online retailer like The price range is around $300-$500 USD depending on the model you choose and the features it possesses. For example, if you want a top-of-the-line 4k resolution camera with professional features like image stabilization and remote control capability, expect to pay around $400 for this item alone without accessories such as memory cards or batteries included in that cost estimate.

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As far as renting options go for this type of equipment goes for tourists coming into Namibia from abroad (or locals who aren’t interested in spending hundreds), there aren’t many options available yet due to the lack of demand here so far among local residents who prefer using smartphones instead due their easy accessibility compared against having something bulky like an expensive DSLR camera hanging around their neck while they’re trying not to get lost while trying to take pictures during their holidays!