How Much Does Cremation Cost in Namibia?

How Much Does Cremation Cost in Namibia?

How Much Does Cremation Cost in Namibia?

What is cremation?

Cremation is a process that uses intense heat to turn the remains of a person who has died into ashes. The cremation process takes place in a specially-designed cremation chamber which holds one deceased person and exposes them to intense heat for a period of around two hours.

Do you have clothes on when you are cremated?

Cremation of a body can be done with or without clothing. Typically, if there has been a traditional funeral (with the body) present, the deceased will be cremated in whatever clothing they were wearing.


How long does it take for a human body to be cremated?

The process takes anywhere between three to four hours depending on the power of the retort and the mass of the body inserted. After this step is completed, the cremated bones will come out of the retort and then be processed.

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Why do people get cremated?

Growing environmental awareness: Many opt for cremation to reduce land usage, preserve natural resources like hardwood, and avoid chemicals associated with the embalming process. Lower cost: Cremation is less expensive than a burial and still allows families to hold a traditional service.


How much does cremation cost in Namibia?

As per the gazetted tariff for the 2020/21 financial year, cremation for a Windhoek resident is N$950 and for a non-resident N$1 662