How Much Does An Artisan Earn in Namibia?

How Much Does An Artisan Earn in Namibia?

How Much Does An Artisan Earn in Namibia?

What is an artisan?

a person or company that produces something (such as cheese or wine) in limited quantities often using traditional methods —often used before another noun artisan breads.

What is an example of a artisan?

The definition of an artisan is a skilled worker or craftsman. A baker of specialty breads is an example of an artisan.

What is an artisan career?

An artisan or trades worker is someone who is skilled with their hands in carpentry, plumbing, welding, electrical or electronic work, mechanical work, and other types of work related to the engineering or construction environment.

What are types of artisans?

They are: the Artisan Promoter (ESTP), Artisan Crafter (ISTP), Artisan Performer (ESFP), and Artisan Composer (ISFP). Promoters live with a theatrical flourish which makes even the most routine events seem exciting. Not that they waste much time on routine events.

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What best describe the artisan?

An artisan is someone that works with their hands to create unique, functional and/or decorative items using traditional techniques. Artisans are masters of their craft and create products such as clothes, toys, tools or furnishings.

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What are skills for artisan?

Communication. A core skill in the workplace is the ability to communicate effectively. …

Teamwork. Working in teams is often needed as trades jobs can be big and complex. …

Working with your hands. …

Creativity. …

Organizing Skills


Listening skills


How much does artisan earn in Namibia?

A person working as an artisan in Namibia typically earns around 13,600 NAD per month

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