How Much Does an Interior Decorator Charge in Namibia?

How Much Does an Interior Decorator Charge in Namibia?

Interior decorators can charge you for their services in two ways, by the hour or by the project. Both have their pros and cons, so you should decide which one works best for your budget and your needs before discussing it with your decorator. For example, if you’re remodelling your entire kitchen, it may be best to pay by the project so that you don’t end up paying more than you can afford just because your kitchen took longer to complete than expected.

A flat fee for interior decorators in Namibia

Unfortunately, there’s no way to know what interior decorators will charge you until you shop around. But ask them up front what their fee structure is and whether they’re charging a flat fee for your project or billing by time. If it’s a flat fee, that amount should be written on their quote (and if it isn’t, find another designer).

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Hourly rate of interior decorators in Namibia

The hourly rate of interior decorators in Namibia ranges from N$1,000 to N$3,000 per hour. There is no industry norm for a set daily or weekly salary. Some interior decorators charge as a percentage of their client’s renovation budget; others charge by the square meter for projects.

A per-item cost of interior decorators in Namibia

Interior decorators charge a per-item cost for their services. It’s hard to give you an exact figure since it varies depending on how many rooms you want to be decorated and which items (wallpaper, flooring etc.) are included. The figures below are based on the average costs of interior decorating across different areas of Namibia.