How Much does an Allergy Test Cost in Namibia?

How Much does an Allergy Test Cost in Namibia?

An allergy test can be taken at the doctor’s office or at an independent testing centre. It can also be administered in a hospital or private clinic. The cost of the test will depend on where you choose to get it done and how complex the test is. Many insurance plans cover the cost of allergy testing and some employers offer special health care packages that include services like this one, so check with your insurance provider or employer before paying out-of-pocket. Here are some additional factors that may affect the price of your allergy test.

What is an Allergy Test?

An allergy test measures your body’s immune response to substances known as allergens, which are present in things like pollen, dust, and certain foods. An allergic reaction is triggered when these substances (which are usually harmless to most people) come into contact with your immune system. If you experience symptoms such as sneezing or a runny nose after exposure to one of these substances, consider getting tested for allergies.

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How much does an allergy test cost in Namibia?

The best and most accurate way to know what you’re allergic to is with a skin-prick or blood-draw test. The procedure is quite simple and harmless, but it can get very expensive. However, you can find affordable tests in one of three ways: self-pay, private insurance or your provincial health plan. If you are considering testing for allergies, first speak with your doctor about which method would be right for you. Expect to pay anywhere between NAD160 and NAD 330 just for a consultation with an allergist.