How Much Does an Advocate Earn In Namibia?

How Much Does an Advocate Earn In Namibia?

How Much Does an Advocate Earn In Namibia?

How Much Do Advocates Earn in Namibia?
How Much Do Advocates Earn in Namibia?

Legal profession in Namibia is particularly trained to support all affiliates of society. The legal system in Namibia affects one and all, be it in drawing up a will, purchasing a house, getting divorce or having appear in a court of law.

Advocates, like medical specialists, have specialized expertise in several extents of the law, such as in constitutional law, labour law, criminal law, the law of contract etc. Should a customer choose to search for the aid of such an expert in addition to the services of the legal practitioner he has before now affianced, the attorney then, in turn, enlists an advocate on the client’s behalf, to present the client in court and/or to direct him or her as may be necessary.


An advocate in Namibia earns around NAD $33,300 per month. Salaries for advocates in Namibia ranges from a minimum of NAD $15,300 to a maximum of NAD $53,000.

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In Namibia, the membership requirements to the Namibian Bar are a documented Bachelor of Laws degree, admission as a legal practitioner in terms of Act 15 of 1995, exemption from holding a fidelity fund certificate, as well as serving and completing a six-month period of pupillage followed by a bar examination which include; Constitutional law, Criminal Procedure, Labour law, Preparation and conduct of civil trials, Motion court practice and procedure, Evidence, Ethics and Legal Writing. Affiliation of the Namibian Bar is partial to Advocate’s in private practice.

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List Of Advocates in Namibia

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Cronje & Co. Attorneys & Aripo Agents

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