How Much does a Zoologist Earn in Namibia?

How Much does a Zoologist Earn in Namibia?

Who is a Zoologist?

Zoologists study animals, observing them in the laboratory and in their natural habitat. They also research animal diseases and sometimes consulted on projects related to the development of new animal species. because zoology is the branch of biology that deals with the animal kingdom.

A zoologist in Namibia typically earns around 37,200 NAD per month. Salaries typically range from 20,100 NAD (lowest) to 56,200 NAD (highest).

What does a zoologist do daily in Namibia?

A research scientist is someone who designs and conducts a project with the goal of learning about animals and their behaviours through scientific investigation. This can be as experimental research, collecting biological data from specimens, or writing papers or articles to explain the findings.

What qualifications do you need to be a zoologist in Namibia?

You can work in the marine biology field without an advanced degree. All you need is knowledge about the marine ecosystem and with a little hard work, you can find a job. Many employers look for candidates who have graduate qualifications (such as an MSc or PhD) because they offer experience and relevant courses that might be useful in your chosen career path.

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Is a zoologist a good job in Namibia?

The job outlook for zoologists is good, with a predicted 13% increase in jobs over the next 8 years, so now is the perfect time to go become a zoologist.