How Much Does a Will Cost in Namibia?

How Much Does a Will Cost in Namibia?

How Much Does a Will Cost in Namibia?

What is a will?

A will or testament is a legal document that expresses a person’s wishes as to how their property is to be distributed after their death and as to which person is to manage the property until its final distribution

What is the purpose of the will?

Generally speaking, a will is a legal document that coordinates the distribution of your assets after death and can appoint guardians for minor children. A will is important to have, as it allows you to communicate your wishes clearly and precisely.


What is a will of a person?

a legal declaration of a person’s wishes regarding the disposal of his or her property or estate after death especially : a written instrument legally executed by which a person makes disposition of his or her estate to take effect after death.


Who must write a will?

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Anybody who is 16 years or older and of sound mind can draft a will. By drafting a valid will, you can ensure that your personal property and possessions are divided according to your wishes. A male person who drafts a will is known as a testator, while a female person drafting a will is known as a testatrix.

How long does a will last?

You should store the original will until after the death of the client, or until you are able to return the original to the client. Some firms keep wills indefinitely, while others have a policy of holding the original will for fifty years from the date of its creation.

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How do I write a will in Namibia?

Your will must be made voluntarily by you, without coercion from anyone. A will can be either handwritten or typed, and it can be in any language. You must sign the will in the presence of two witnesses who are at least 14 years of age, and are not mentally incapacitated.

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How much does a will cost in Namibia?

It cost around N$ 3570.00 to do a will in Namibia.