How Much does a Taxi Driver Earn in Namibia?

How Much does a Taxi Driver Earn in Namibia?

What’s the difference between Uber and Taxi in Namibia?

There is a big difference in how Uber and taxis work. Instead of being inspected, Uber drivers can get started regardless of how their vehicle looks. On the other hand, taxi companies must still be inspected before they start to pick up passengers– even though Uber cars are also checked.

Why are Ubers better than taxis in Namibia?

Getting from point to point can be easier and cheaper when your Uber app is available through the night. As well, you’re likely to find more drivers willing to drive on a party night.

How many hours do taxi drivers work in Namibia?

Taxi drivers are driving 10 hours or more per day, which is approximately two-thirds the average length of a 9 am-5 pm stays in an office. Despite sleeping for about three hours per night, their work intensity can exceed the bounds of most jobs.

Is a taxi driver a good career in Namibia?

Drive a private or public hire vehicle is a great way to put yourself in the driving seat of your own career – take control of your own future & opportunities.

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How much does a taxi driver earn in Namibia?

Working as a Taxi Driver in Namibia will typically allow you to earn around N$ 5,530 per month. Salaries range from N$ 2,990 (lowest) to N$ 8,360 (highest). This includes salary and amenities like housing, transport & other benefits.