How Much does a Root Canal Cost in Namibia?

How Much does a Root Canal Cost in Namibia?

A root canal can cost anywhere from $200 to $1500 depending on the dental clinic, location and complexity of the root canal. In this article, we have compiled all the information you need to know about root canals in order to answer the question How much does a root canal cost?

Root Canal Overview

A root canal is performed when all other treatments have failed and is only necessary if there is no structural damage to your tooth. This treatment involves removing infected tissue inside your tooth. A typical root canal procedure will involve: (1) numbing medication, (2) removing infected tissue from within your tooth, (3) filling and sealing, and (4) covering your tooth with a protective temporary crown. The time involved for each of these four steps can vary depending on how extensive your procedure is going to be.

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How much does a root canal cost in Namibia?

A root canal is a dental procedure used to treat severely decayed teeth that have become painful or infected. The procedure involves cleaning out and shaping your tooth’s interior, filling any cavities with new materials, and sealing off all entrances of bacteria. A root canal will save your tooth from further damage and improve its overall strength, but it doesn’t come cheap. On average, you can expect to pay between $500 and $1,000 for a root canal depending on where you live.