How Much Does a Helicopter Pilot Earn in Namibia?

How Much Does a Helicopter Pilot Earn in Namibia?

Helicopter pilots in Namibia earn salaries ranging between N$36,000 and N$41,000 per year, according to salary data provided by PayScale. A pilot flying internationally can earn up to N$40,000 annually while flying domestically will earn an average of N$30,000 per year. Helicopter pilots in Namibia may also be eligible to receive company perks, such as housing and transportation allowances, benefits packages that include health insurance, retirement plans and other paid vacation time.

What Kind of Work do helicopter Pilots do?

When you’re training to become a helicopter pilot, it can seem like an exciting job. After all, you get to fly around and land wherever you want. However, there are some downsides to the job that might not be so obvious. It’s expensive for helicopter pilots to keep their licenses up-to-date.

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What Skills are Required to Become a Helicopter Pilot in Namibia?

A helicopter pilot needs to have an instrument rating, which means they need at least 1000 hours of flying time and must pass the written test. Those who want to fly helicopters commercially also need to get an additional type rating for that specific type of helicopter.