How Much Does a Container House Cost in Namibia?

How Much Does a Container House Cost in Namibia?

Container houses are built in a way that they use steel boxes in shipping and storage. The container is an innovative solution for building a house that provides convenience and flexibility for those who are interested in the concept of creating a home from a steel box.

What container houses are made of?

Container houses are a popular alternative to conventional construction. People have used container houses in developing countries where the availability of labour, materials, and land is scarce. Container homes are easy to build, transport, and assemble without special skills or equipment. They are also cheaper compared with traditional building materials such as bricks and mortar because they can be recycled after use which reduces their environmental impact on people’s health and the environment.

The Cost of Container House

With pricing, the cost of containers varies based on what you need and how many you want. For example, a 20 ft container will cost about the US $2,700 or N$39,000 in Namibia and a 40 ft container will cost about US $4,500 or N$63,000.

If you choose to go with used containers, then there is always room for negotiation on price. If you are buying from an individual there may be more flexibility in terms of condition and price as well because they may not have much profit margin built into their asking price when compared to selling through an established dealer who has built up his/her reputation over time through good customer service.

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The Price

The cost of a used container is also similar to the new containers but at a cheaper price. The reason for this is that you will get the same quality container at a cheaper price. The only difference is that it has already been used before and you have to take care of some minor damages which may happen during the shipping or loading process. This could be easily repaired by yourself so there is no big issue in using it as your house.

The used containers are still strong and durable because they have been used in an ocean before and they were designed specifically to withstand high stress on their outer part while transporting them from one place to another. They can also last until 50 years depending on how well you maintain them by painting every year or two years, fixing any damages etcetera…

Your budget

The 20 ft container cost in Namibia is about $2,700 or N$39,000 and the 40 ft container will cost about US $4,500 or N$63,000. The 20 feet containers are more common than other sizes of containers as they are cheaper but have all the same features as other sizes. The used ones are also available but you need to check carefully and inspect them before buying them because they might be broken or damaged in some parts which can affect their longevity.

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Building a shipping container house 

The cost of building a container house depends on the size of the container you want to buy. The price ranges from N$40 000 for a 20’ container and N$110 000 for a 40’ one. It also depends on whether you want a used or new container. If you buy a secondhand container, then there may be other costs involved such as transport costs, cleaning and refurbishing it, creating doors, etc.

If you buy your shipping containers from Namibia, then they will cost more than if they are bought overseas because shipping costs have to be added into the equation too!