How Much Do Waiters Earn in Namibia?

How Much Do Waiters Earn in Namibia?

How Much Do Waiters Earn in Namibia?

Who is a Waiter?

Waiting staff, waitstaff, waiters / waitresses, or servers, are those who work at a restaurant, a diner, or a bar and sometimes in private homes, attending to customers by supplying them with food and drink as requested. Waiting staff follow rules and guidelines determined by the manager.

What is the role of a waiter?

The duties and responsibilities of a Waiter/Waitress include welcoming and seating guests, taking guest orders, communicating them effectively to the kitchen and in addition, memorizing the menu and offering recommendations to upsell appetizers, desserts, or drinks.

Why is it called a waiter?

Etymology. Late 14th century, “attendant, watchman,” agent noun from the verb wait +‎ -er. Sense of “servant who waits at tables” is from late 15th century, originally in reference to household servants; in reference to inns, eating houses, etc., it is attested from 1660s. Feminine form waitress first recorded 1834.

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What type of job is a waiter?

Waiters and waitresses, also called servers, take orders and serve food and beverages to customers in dining establishments. Restaurant hosts and hostesses greet customers and manage reservations and waiting lists. Servers may meet with supervisors to learn details about the menu and discuss food safety concerns.

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What makes a good waiter?

Enthusiasm for good food that is easily expressed to customers. Able to memorize 3-5 specials and their descriptions for easy recitation to guests. Observant and attendant to all customer needs. Impeccable manners or the willingness to learn.


How much do Waiters earn in Namibia?

 A person working as a Waiter / Waitress in Namibia typically earns around 5,360 NAD per month.

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