How Much Do Social Workers Earn in Namibia?

How Much Do Social Workers Earn in Namibia?

How Much Do Social Workers Earn in Namibia?

How Much Do Social Workers Earn in Namibia?
How Much Do Social Workers Earn in Namibia?

Who is a Social Worker?

A Social Worker is a professional who is adept or has knowledge and experience in working with individuals, Communities, Families and many others to cause a desired change, improve their quality of living and serve as an advocate or help solve a problem. They are popularly referred to as Caseworkers, Public Servants or Welfare Workers.


List of Social Workers and their Roles.

1. Counselor; they assist individuals to cope with psychological or emotional problems and explore ways they can keep their lives going.

2. Advocate; these Social Workers ensure that the right of the vulnerable in the Society is not infringed upon. They speak for the people who are not regarded in the Society and so are exposed to all kinds of abuses and unfair treatment. They see to it that the rights of such individuals are safe guarded.

3. Educator; their main role is to contribute to the learning development of individuals or students. They educate, inspire and provide support to parents and students in terms of education to improve academic outcomes.

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4. Community Change Agent; they bring about a positive change in existing problems, policies, and resource allocation in order to improve development in the community as well as ensure equitable distribution of resources.

5. Medical Social workers; provide health care services and support to individuals who are faced with physical or psychological problems pertaining to their health. They see to it that the needs of the sick and vulnerable are met.

Overview of the plight of Social Workers in Namibia

Namibia is one of the Africa Countries who later gained their independence. It was formally called South West Africa until the year 1968.

However, things seem not to be going on well for the Social Workers in Namibia. The total number of Social Workers in Namibia can be estimated around 500 Social Workers to a total population of 2 million. Geraldine Kaninga, the President of Namibia Social Workers Association reported that the rate at which social workers were exiting the Country for greener pastures was very alarming. The main reason for this undesired event is due to the financial constraint on majority of these Social Workers, as a result of the poor wages they earn.

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Amount Earned by the Social Workers in Namibia

An average Social Worker in Namibia earns about 5400 NAD per month. The lowest amount one can earn as a Social Worker is 2800 NAD per month, and the highest is estimated around 8200 NAD. Of this amount, housing, transport, utility and other incentives are inclusive. Social Workers in Namibia have raised a concern for measures to be put in place to solve their problem of low wages.