How Much do Microbiologists Earn in Namibia? 

How Much do Microbiologists Earn in Namibia? 

If you’re considering a career as a microbiologist in Namibia, you need to know what kind of salary you can expect to make and the different job titles and working conditions that are available to people in this field. However, the more important factor to consider when comparing one job offer against another isn’t just your salary, but also the benefits that come with it and the employment opportunities that are available in your chosen region.

Who is a Microbiologist?

A microbiologist is someone who studies microscopic organisms like bacteria and other germs, as well as viruses, fungi, and other types of life that cause disease or other problems. They may also study ways to prevent these microorganisms from causing harm. Microbiologists usually need a bachelor’s degree in biology to work in their field.

 Career Opportunities as a microbiologist in Namibia

This information is provided according to Country-wise Jobs. The salary for a microbiologist varies depending on factors including experience, skill and type of employer. Starting salaries in Namibia can be as low as N$3,832 per month and go up to around N$11,891 per month. Salaries can also differ considerably depending on whether you work full-time or part-time.


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