How Much do Magistrates Get Paid in Namibia?

How Much do Magistrates Get Paid in Namibia?

According to recent statistics, magistrate’s in Namibia earn an average salary of N $240,000 per year. For many people working in this profession, this salary is a welcomed and much-needed addition to their household income. In a country where the cost of living can be high, the extra income earned by magistrates can make a noteworthy difference.

In Namibia, magistrates earn an average salary of $24,000 per year. This figure is determined by their years of experience and level of education. For instance, a magistrate with 5 years or less experience may only earn around $22,000 annually while one with 20 or more years in the profession can bring home $26,500 each year.

What do magistrates do?

The magistrate profession is an important one in Namibia as it helps ensure that the country’s laws are upheld and that justice is served.


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